Red Rye

Johnnie Walker

A series of films designed to break the stereotype about whiskey.

For this project, Diageo tasked us to create a brand film that shifted audience perceptions of whiskey away from the traditional and into something more modern.

Using a nimble crew of specialists, we put together an 11 day shoot in Scotland where we captured content that brought to life the story of the product in a stylish way.

Shooting all over Scotland, in wild landscapes, distilleries, flooded island walkways and smoked out velodromes we brought colour and vibrancy to a traditionally muted, green and brown scenery. The use of infra-red photography allowed us to turn a green-brown landscape into a red, pink and purple fantasy world that turned the image of whiskey as we know it utterly on its head.

We also shot additional 360 content across multiple locations in Scotland for a piece that was subsequently toured at various Diageo events. The spot is a flyover compilation of locations and scenes that factor heavily into the Johnnie Walker production process.

As well as an inspirational launch film, we understood that we needed to make Red Rye accessible for an at home audience. To do this we developed funtional informative recipe content. As this is Red Rye, we did it in a modern and cool way.