Business As Unusual

Transforming modern business through two editorial platforms.

Entrepreneurship is an ever-changing game. As the marketplace evolves faster than ever, small business owners have had to learn how to become more and more resilient.

To better address small business owners' needs, Mailchimp Presents and Stink Studios collaborated to launch and evolve two of their original long-form storytelling outlets in tandem: Season Two of their Call Paul podcast and the homepage of Courier, a publishing platform that helps business owners work better and live smarter.

In Call Paul, Paul Jarvis and a fresh slate of entrepreneurs explore what it takes to build successful, sustainable businesses. Our visual toolkit and launch film interpret the curious, brave, and unexpected ideas that are found throughout the new season.

When you ask a person what they feel holds the most value for them in their lives, most say things like: connection, family, friendship. But if you look at how the world had worked until now, it was money, power, fame that dominated. So what if we worked to better align ourselves, our actions, and our companies, to be closer to what we actually say is important?

While the answers don’t always come easy, tackling new business challenges should be inspiring. The new Call Paul shines as a key title in Mailchimp Presents’ expanding library of original content.

For Courier, Mailchimp’s magazine that “makes stuff to help a new generation of young entrepreneurs work and live on their own terms,” we redesigned the homepage experience top to bottom, from the way that stories are grouped and highlighted, to new explorable sections, a revamped navigation, and of course, a refined scalable design system.

  • Jon Hinds