Meanwhile, on TikTok...

A disruptive brand campaign designed to hijack the world around it.

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in history. Growing from a few million to well over 500m in just a matter of months.

After launching in the US last year with enormous success, TikTok wanted to expand into Europe with the same momentum. Our challenge was to create a campaign that caused as much disruption as possible over a compact 2 week period.

Our insight was simple - while everyone is “living their best life” on other social channels, on TikTok they’re lip-syncing, dancing, dressing up, challenging each other and not taking the world so seriously.

To share this message to the world we created “Meanwhile, on TikTok", a campaign that interrupts normal broadcasting — whether in Cinema or on Instagram Stories — with a blast of the spirit and energy that's making TikTok such a runaway success.