Monty's Goggles

John Lewis

The story of ‘Monty’s Christmas’ comes to life in an immersive 360° Cardboard experience.

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Storytelling with a whole new perspective. ‘Monty’s Christmas’ is the first of its kind; a 360° Virtual Reality adventure of a boy and his penguin, for children and adults alike.

Using Google Cardboard, your smartphone is transformed into a Virtual Reality headset that transports you to a magical world where you're invited to join Monty and Sam on a Christmas adventure.

Following the real-time narrative of Monty and Sam’s story, users are placed at a centre of the story and are invited to explore each scene from the book in 360 degrees. Lingering on characters and objects makes them come to life; twinkling stars in the sky as you look up, Monty and Sam playing hide and seek, dodging snowballs, and hunting for a near-by meowing cat.

The 2D illustrations from the story book are mapped into highly crafted 3D environments. Final scenes were rendered out stereoscopically enabling the 360 experience to work on users smartphones and Google Cardboard. We built the application using a combination Unity, WebGL and CSS to ensure that the experience could be enjoyed across a wide range of devices. Intricate sound design adds the finishing touch.

During the festive season, the experience will appear in 42 John Lewis flagship stores. For those without a Google Cardboard a simplified version was released online.


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