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This American Life

25 Years of Stories

Celebrating a quarter century of groundbreaking storytelling.

The iconic, groundbreaking radio show This American Life worked with Stink Studios to celebrate their 25th Anniversary through a collection of favorite episodes, award winners, and iconic quotes curated by host Ira Glass. To honor and elevate the show’s content, we built a campaign around typographic layouts that emphasize how each story unfolds, and how they all fit together after a quarter-century of storytelling.

The 25th anniversary icon is constructed of the brand typeface and logo united to align with geometry of the stripes in the flag. The icon expands to become the full anniversary wordmark and punctuates each campaign layout.

The campaign’s lead expression is a run of full-page takeovers in the New York Times, where a waterfall of character portraits and plot-twists flows over the entire broadsheet. A myriad of other placements, quotes and formats bring the campaign to life across the rest of the Times’ ecosystem, a fitting home for an initiative commemorating journalistic excellence.

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