Pinterest Business Marketing

A year of global campaigns bringing Pinterest Business Marketing to life.

Pinterest Business Marketing and Stink Studios collaborated to bring a series of strategic creative campaigns to life. A co-authored communication framework set the overarching narrative across touchpoints in global markets spanning North America, LATAM, and Europe.

Be their next was a global social campaign inviting advertisers to tap into the unique audience mindset of the Pinterest user. Creative and research worked closely to align campaigns to real-time search trends in global markets.

The team took opportunities to create special moments for the Business team throughout the year, including this publication of audience insights specific to the UK brought to life with illustrator Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy.

The tentpole campaign film, The Perfect Couch, tells a story of shopping in a dreamscape where shoppers can find things they actually love through the visual discovery engine that only Pinterest provides.

  • Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy