Finding Light in the Dark


Creating a new world for low light photography.

Some of life’s most interesting moments happen at night, which is why it can be so frustrating that device makers have struggled to make a phone with a camera that captures beauty in low light. The OPPO F11 Pro solves this, with an incredible low-light camera, meant to capture all of life’s best moments – day or night.

OPPO is the fifth largest mobile manufacturer in the world. To celebrate the global launch of their new phone in over twenty markets, OPPO tasked Stink Studios Shanghai with creating a film that heroes and celebrates the phone’s improved low light portrait capabilities.

To breathe life into the story of a rather technical feature, we imagined a world where you can conduct your own light, easily illuminating subjects and adding the perfect glow to every scene. With the F11 Pro, you don’t need to be a professional to see professional-level results.

The film was shot around various magical locations in Mexico City, and was directed by Stink Films’ CD Morrish.

In the two weeks following the launch, the campaign had already amassed nearly 100 million views.


Territory London, VFX

Mauro Chiarello, DOP

AudioForce, Audio