The Cooldown 2020


Celebrating the power of the Peloton community in 2020.

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Peloton’s year-in-review campaign, The Cooldown, celebrates the achievements and commitment of the Peloton community in 2020 — by creating a unique personalised video and set of social assets for every single member.

After interviewing Peloton stakeholders we quickly realised there was an opportunity to double-down on shareability and create greater value for members, based on the campaign’s results in previous years.

Working alongside Peloton's in-house design team, we developed a unique personalised video for every member, powered by their data, placing them front-and-centre to increase shareability.

We developed a set of 9:16 assets for specific milestones; knowing that some achievements are worth sharing more than others. Each of these assets was optimised for Stories formats - perfect for humble-brags and reaching a broader audience beyond the Peloton community.

Using RITA, our automated video rendering platform, we created more than 40 million unique, multi-language assets.