Play The World

In partnership with Google Play, we created a destination where users can relive iconic movie moments in their real-life surroundings with Play the World.

Scrolling the globe to locate iconic shoot locations, users navigate seamlessly through an action-packed library of over 500 movies. Using Google Street View and YouTube, each famous movie moment appears with an anamorphosis effect in its real world location.

Users can move on to explore the scene’s everyday surroundings or switch between more film locations to discover more movie magic. To deepen the experience , we also showcase interesting facts, scores and soundtracks, and even books related to films that are available on the Google Play Store to purchase.

See beyond the frame and explore a world of movies with Google Play.

We spent months watching over 500 movies, researching where they'd been shot and then browsing hundreds of Street View panoramas to find the perfect match.

We developed our own CSS 3D engine to use Google Street View tiles and ensure movie clips could be integrated seamlessly in the 360 panoramas.

Mobile first, enhanced with the gyroscope.

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