The Fishbowl


A beautiful interactive biopic telling the story of Polaroid's founder.

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Polaroid's founder was widely regarded as the Steve Jobs of his generation. MING Utility and Entertainment collaborated with Stink to produce this interactive biopic that tells his story, and takes users on a journey through the origins of Polaroid eyewear.

Since the Polaroid Corporation was founded in 1937, its reputation has fluctuated between innovation and obsolescence.

To help celebrate the 80th anniversary of Polaroid, we created an interactive short biopic. The film tells the story of Polaroid's founder, a brilliant showman scientist who baffled his audiences and turned his ideas into popular consumer products. It takes us through Land's early years and then, his company's evolution.

The entire experience has been produced with the craft of a Hollywood film. Directed by Stink Film's Nacho Gayan, and shot by "Jackie" and "Captain Fantastic" Cinematographer Stephane Fontaine.

Enhanced with content that elaborates on the latest product innovation, users can deep dive into films featuring influencers Felipe Pantone, Lion Babe, Puff the Houseman and Gabby David, Elliott Sailors and Ocean + Sky and Skate Kitchen.

Our objective was to reflect the Polaroid brand identity with every transition, animation and interaction, with lavish attention to detail. Using a custom implementation of the YouTube player, we allow user to access the content across mobile or tablet while still registering organic impressions of the film content on YouTube itself.


MING Utility and Entertainment