Unique Ramadan cards to share with friends & family

As Ramadan begins every year, people around the world send blessings to their loved ones. This year we partnered with Google to help our audience share in a new way.

We commissioned iconic Arabic artists like eL Seed to create unique works using Tilt Brush at an exclusive event in Dubai. Our challenge was to then faithfully recreate this 3D art in an interactive experience.

First we brought the individual qualities of all the Tilt Brush strokes to life in WebGL. This process meant putting JSON assets through a custom conversion system to bring the file size of our high-end VR source down to something more mobile friendly.

Next we pre-rendered the interactive variations using RITA, so users can personalise both the camera motion and colours in a seamless, reactive way.

As Ramadan moves towards Eid, more and more works of Tilt Brush art will become available to personalise and share as animated gifs, images, or videos. Ramadan mubarak!