Spotify for Pets


A fun website experience to create customized and algorithmically generated playlists for you and your pets.

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Recently, Spotify conducted a study of how pet owners use music with their pets. Not only did they find that 71% of respondents play music for their pets, but that 46% believe music acts as a stress reliever for their companions. To celebrate this special bond, we worked with Spotify to develop a site experience (localized for eight countries across three different languages) where pet owners can generate playlists suited best for their pet’s personality and mood.

Our developer team built this website for Spotify, with their in-house creative team leading on design. Spotify for Pets starts with a survey that creates a simple profile of your companion. A custom algorithm then maps those answers to a larger set of music properties and optimizes for matches within data on your listening habits. This outputs the tracks that become your pet's playlist.



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