The Ultimate Love Experience

Create a personalized love playlist and cover for you and your favorite human.

To promote Spotify’s new Duo subscription plan (the perfect plan for two), we worked closely with their in-house creative team to create The Ultimate Love Experience. A site that allows you to generate a playlist and a custom cover to match the characteristics that make up your love. To do so, visitors answer a series of questions that best define the nature of their love and the music that represents their relationship.

Spotify approached us with a site concept that didn’t take itself too seriously: one that paired clean design with the freedom of co-creation spanning the spectrum of cheesy to electric.

After selecting a cover, visitors can upload photos with the help of machine learning, resulting in automated scaling, rotating and positioning to match the cover. Each cover is constructed from multiple layers in canvas with configured blend modes, filters, and textures per album, so that the cherries taste sweeter and the metal tastes more...metal.

Our visual language blended romance tropes with cover art clichés found across various music genres. Whether your love feels solid as a rock or more like a pair of sunflowers floating in a gentle breeze, there’s a cover to match your vibe.

With nine album covers and nine typefaces to choose from, the outputs span a wide range of results to fit any relationship. Whether it’s a friendship worth cherry-shing or a romance that’s cheesier than fondue, we got you covered.