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TweetFuel is a Stinkdigital experiment that uses a Nike+ FuelBand to measure the health of our @stinkdigital account. Whenever someone follows, RTs or mentions @stinkdigital, our custom made motorized kit spins a mounted Nike+ FuelBand.

The number of spins is dictated by an algorithm that takes things like type of activity and the user's total followers into account. The resulting fuel is therefore a metric of our health on Twitter.

Used regularly, the FuelBand is a habit-forming piece of technology that works by setting daily individual goals. We want to do the same here, so we ran the above algorithm against our Twitter activity for the past month and found that our average daily fuel score was 2000. With TweetFuel, we're aiming to improve this by 25%, which means a daily goal of 2500 fuel points.


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