Talk Any Way You Want

A modern wireless provider that's designed for anyone, anywhere.

TextNow is a phone service app whose mission is to break down barriers to communication by evolving the narrative around wireless providers—from convoluted, expensive processes to a more transparent and democratic experience.

TextNow came to Stink Studios to collaborate on a refreshed brand strategy, visual identity and website that better align with their mission. TextNow’s brand system revolutionizes their existing visual identity by taking its core elements and expanding them into an inclusive world of color, illustration, type and photography. It’s a system that can be as expressive as the people who use TextNow.

TextNow’s core font family is Production Type’s Stratos; modern, approachable, distinctive, and hardworking for brand communication, product and digital applications.

This expressive mouth named Chompy is a companion icon that shows up to guide the user at special moments throughout the brand experience.

Typographic animations imbue themselves with the same animism seen in the tonal range of the Chompy — whispering, laughing, shouting, or just saying hey.

We developed a comprehensive guideline that expands on every detail of TextNow’s brand transformation.

TextNow’s homepage showcases the new brand while prioritizing access to information and accessibility into an intuitive user experience that introduces a whole new approach to phone service.

The custom number set, Beeper, connects to the brand illustrations, icon style, and the geometry of Stratos. Thank you for calling.

After a close collaboration with the TextNow team, the robust system sets the brand apart from other messaging apps and wireless providers. Learn more about TextNow at textnow.com.

  • Nenad Grujičić