It's Come To Collect

Phone bills have been haunting us. Until now.

90% of Americans overpay for unlimited phone plans. That's why TextNow is a free texting and calling app with a mission to help people connect as accessbily as possible. As a part of our strategic rebrand for TextNow, we created the Phone Smarter campaign to position the brand as an alternative to the current service model that keep us tethered to traditional phone service.

To anchor the campaign, we developed a comedic horror spot, “The Payphone” — a metaphor for the terror that comes with typical wireless carriers' hidden fees and expensive, rigid plans.

We leveraged horror/thriller tropes, incorporated an original spooky soundtrack, and established an overall look and feel that was both nostalgic and new. As a result, we produced a film with mesmerizing cinematography, humorous yet relatable characters, and a clear message: overpaying for phone service is a nightmare.

The film extends into campaign assets that lead the audience back to TextNow and their flexible features that make phone service work for everyone. Find out more about TextNow and their new brand at textnow.com.