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A campaign that calls for a different relationship to technology.

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WeTransfer’s ever-growing suite of creative tools have one unifying principle: to help you get your ideas out as efficiently and beautifully as possible. It was this insight that inspired the campaign and film, “Welcome to WeTransfer. Please leave.” — a statement that refutes mindless scrolling in favor of real world experiences that inspire true creative output.

WeTransfer asked Stink Studios to take a challenging position in their category while also announcing a broader set of tools and a new brand visual language. This came together in a bold integrated campaign that retains WeTransfer’s humble spirit and respect for the creative process.

The campaign is anchored by a :60 film, directed by Thomas Ralph and voiced over by writer and cultural critic Roxane Gay. The film follows The Other You, a version of yourself that chooses the real world, and returns with new, true ideas. WeTransfer helps you bring these ideas to life, so you can get back to living yours.

The brand campaign is comprised of the film and its :30 and :15 cutdowns, along with stills, poetic copywriting, and executions delivering WeTransfer’s new brand identity.

The campaign’s home is, where the story comes together with the film living alongside product descriptions, editorial collaborations, and then before too long, an invitation to leave.

Campaign assets distill the narrative by focusing on the speed and ease of WeTransfer’s tools, creating unexpected interaction moments, and giving back users' time.

We collaborated with WeTransfer's in-house creative studio to articulate their new brand identity into a visual language for the campaign — comprised of tactile, abstract shapes and motion graphics inspired by references from Ellsworth Kelly to Looney Tunes.

We designed and delivered a set of campaign guidelines to facilitate the continued creation of campaign assets after client handoff.



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Thomas Ralph

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