The Most Exclusive Collection

One-off designer pieces only available in YouTube pre-rolls. Skip them and you’ll miss them.

YOOX is a online retailer for luxury brands. The Most Exclusive Collection is made up of one-off luxury items from Yoox, available exclusively in YouTube pre-roll ads. Viewers have just 15 seconds to buy an item before it’s destroyed by a series of bizarre and beautiful animated 3D contraptions. There’s no re-watching and no searching on YOOX.com — once it’s gone, it’s gone.

We developed a series of animated templates delivering hundreds of products across four markets, USA, Japan, Korea and Italy. Everything has been designed with YouTube best practice in mind. We used bold, bright colour-blocking and layout sequences to purposefully grab attention in the first few, precious pre-roll seconds.

As part of the creative process, we devised a number of scenarios imagining the destruction of Yoox’s Most Exclusive Collection.

We used our RITA platform to seamlessly integrate each product into the animated video in real time, making each pre-roll ad completely unique. Delivery files are then managed and delivered into the YouTube API via Switchboard.

  • Silver Lion – Direct – Art Direction/Design
  • Bronze Lion – Direct – Use of Social Platforms
  • Russ Chimes, Uno Mas