YouTube TV Launch


Unveiling a new way to watch TV.

YouTube asked us to help launch their new live TV streaming service with a landing experience to introduce users to the service and convert new subscribers.

YouTube has built a massive global audience by delivering an unparalleled user experience for consuming video on just about every device with a screen. As cord-cutters and long-suffering cable users ourselves, we were thrilled at the idea of YouTube redesigning the TV experience. We translated this enthusiasm into a design strategy and language that celebrated the bold, refreshing, user-centric approach that YouTube was bringing to the world of TV.

Our final execution is a responsive system that employs heroic, kinetic depictions of the YouTube TV user interface combined with large, confident, unconventional uses of type (in YouTube’s proprietary typeface, YouTube Sans). The site is backed by a custom CMS that gives YouTube content managers full control over all content featured–including localization and multivariate testing capabilities.