Chobani Dot Com

Creating a world of inspiration and desirability for Chobani’s rebrand online.

Since 2007, Chobani has ruled the yogurt category as the biggest Greek yogurt brand in the US. The industry has taken note and today, yogurt aisles are full of Greek, from brands big and small.

Still, Chobani stands out: It’s a founder-led company that believes as much in its product as it does in its mission. The brand envisions food as a tool for good and has bought into identifying as a ‘food-focused wellness company,’ rather than simply a purveyor of yogurt.

This launch is just the beginning. The company will continue to evolve, and our platform is designed to flex along with Chobani’s growth.

With an eye toward growth including future commerce and editorial integration, we crafted a modular system leveraging Contentful, a headless CMS, on a serverless infrastructure which means that the current iteration can accommodate whatever future evolutions the site takes. is also a PWA (Progressive Web App), giving users offline access and progressive page display, loading only the best asset format and size depending on the current user’s network connectivity/device, which makes for a fast, smooth browsing experience.

Hamdi Ulukaya has carefully built Chobani into a truly iconoclast brand that takes the time to make quality products the right way – with time and love. We brought the same philosophy into our collaboration through an ambitious team with big plans.