Christmas Carole

Stella Artois

A seasonal treat for Stella Artois lovers around the world – a personalised Christmas greeting from Christmas Carole.

We worked with Stella Artois and Mother London to create an interactive experience that would be personalised for each user.

We built a Facebook app which integrates images of Christmas Carole on her journey, with images of the recipient’s own city or town, utilising Google Maps and Street View.

The aim was to create a seamless journey using Google's location and map technology very subtly, building towards a magical moment at the culmination of the film in which Christmas Carole arrives at the recipient’s home. During the shoot we referred to our early prototypes using Google Streetview, and worked closely with director Nacho Gayan and cinematographer Martin Ruhe, to ensure that the assets shot on green screen used angles and reflections correctly.

The experience uses a combination of Google Streetview, Google Maps and satellite imagery, Google Places, and Google's Directions and Geocoding APIs to build the custom background in each scene. Flash was then used to composite the video in real time.

To ensure the Google assets blended seamlessly with the film, every image was dynamically colour graded — while motion tracking used data and Streetview images — and even composited snow fall into each scene.


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