Find that job

A campaign to help frustrated job seekers finally find their perfect job

Most job sites play the numbers game. But Otta believes there’s a better way, putting the candidate first instead. And the results speak for themselves.

Their brief to us was to create a campaign that took them from a successful startup challenger brand to front-of-mind among its target audience nationwide.

Otta knows that just any old job won’t do for their target audience. That’s why, through their personalised application process, they aim to get to the bottom of exactly what you want from a role, so they can match you with the perfect company. In a nutshell, their job is to help you find that job.

This simple realisation became the strategic bedrock of their brand and the basis of our campaign.

Otta had worked hard to create a brand identity that made them stand out from the crowd - no cheesy shots of people turning to camera and smiling at their desk for them.

So, we worked within the abstract world they’d created to convey our distinctly human insights.

Through VOD, OOH and Social Media, we used an orb character to depict scenes and moments that tapped into the thoughts and feelings of job seekers - those who have been around the block enough to know what they are (and aren’t) looking for in their next role.

We created a campaign that spoke to job seekers on their level…

And we might never look at an orb the same way again.